Olfactory Pathways 



  • Receptors are olfactory cells found in the olfactory epithelium on:

    a) Dorsal surface of the superior conchae
    b) Nasal septum,
    c) Roof of the nasal cavity.

Olfactory Connections  
  • The axons of the olfactory cells form the fila olfactoria, which passes through the cribriform plate of the ethmoid bone and synapse in the olfactory bulb

  • Second order neurons form the olfactory tract which divides in to lateral, medial and intermediate olfactory stria

  • Fibres in the olfactory striae terminate in the following:

a) Piriform area
b) Amygdaloid nucleus and Peri -amygdaloid areas
c) Entorhinal area:
d) Subcallosal areas
e) Para terminal gyri

f) Septal area

g) Primary olfactory cortex

  • Efferent fibres from these project to hippocampal formation and frontal cortex