subarachnoid cisterns

Regions of the subarachnoid space containing more substantial amounts of fluid are called subarachnoid cisterns . Important cisterns include:


  Cerebellomedullary cistern (cisterna magna) Found between the medulla and the cerebellum
Pontine cistern On the basal part of the pons, containing the basillar artery
Interpeduncular cistern In the interpeduncular fossa region
Chiasmatic cistern Over the optic chiasma
  Cisterna ambiens Sorrounding the posterior, superior and lateral surfaces of the midbrain. This cistern contains the great vein of Galen and the posterior cerebral and superior cerebellar arteries
Cistern of the lamina terminalis A continuation of chiasmatic cistern, which continues into the corpus callosum.
Cistern of the corpus callosum Above the anterior commissure
The cistern of the lateral fissure Corresponding with the Sylvian fissure