Sites of porto caval anastomosis




Lower esophagus

Esophageal tributaries of left gastric vein
Esophageal tributaries of azygous vein

Anal canal

Superior rectal vein- inferior mesenteric vein
Middle and inferior rectal veins- internal iliac and pudendal veins


Rectal venous plexus communicates with

  • Vesical plexus
  • Prostatic plexus
  • Uterine plexus
  • Vaginal plexus


Epigastric veins and left branch of portal vein along ligamentum teres

Bare area of liver

Hepatic venules and veins of diaphragm and thorax

Intestine and spleen

Colic and splenic twigs communicate with renal and lumbar veins


Posterior abdominal wall and diaphragm