Inferior vena cava





Union of common iliac veins


From: Lower border of L4 in the inter tubercular plane
To:    T7

Termination: Right atrium

Course and relations

  • On the right- psoas major

  • To the right of the abdominal aorta

  • May groove or tunnel liver

  • Traverses IVC hiatus of diaphragm

  • Pierces fibrous pericardium

Anterior relations Posterior relations

  • Horizontal part of duodenum
  • Head of pancereas
  • Epiploic foramen
  • Right and caudate lobes of the liver
  • Right sympathetic trunk
  • Right lower lumbar arteries
  • Right renal artery
  • Right crus of diaphragm


  • Mainly correspond to the branches of the abdominal aorta

Note: Left and right and occasionally middle hepatic vein

Territory of drainage

  • The body below the thoracic diaphragm


Posterior abdominal wall and diaphragm