The lobes of the liver


The right lobe (1)

The caudate lobe (3)

The Quadrate lobe  (2)

The left lobe (4)


Blood vessels of the liver

  • Double blood-supply from:

    hepatic artery
    portal vein.

  • The hepatic artery, branch of coeliac trunk brings  supplies oxygenated blood.

  • The portal vein carries most of the products of digestion absorbed from the elimentary canal.

Vascular segments of the liver  

The liver has two vascular segments, right and left separated by a plane that passes through the fissure for the inferior vena cava and fossa for gall bladder.

The left segment receives blood from the splenic vein and this blood is mainly from the territory of drainage of splenic vein and inferior mesenteric vein:

  • Stomach
  • Spleen
  • Descending colon
  • Sigmoid colon
  • Rectum

The right segment receives blood from the superior mesenteric vein:

  • Small intestine
  • Ascending colon,
  • Cecum,
  • Appendix
  • Right part of transverse colon

Lymphatic drainage of the liver

  • The deeper lymphatics from the hepatic parenchyma accompany the main vascular channels to the hilus, ie. Porta hepatis.

  • Larger channels run in the lesser omentum, anterior to the portal vein.

  • After traversing the hepatic lymph-nodes alongside the hepatic artery in the lesser omentum, the lymph drains into the superior pancreatic nodes above the pancreas.

  • Most of the more superficial lymphatics from the entire surface of the liver join the deeper vessels in the porta.

  • There are two exceptions where bare areas exist.

     (+)The first is the bare area on the diaphragmatic surface: here, the superficail lymphatics pass to the diaphragm and, through it, to the phrenic and mediastinal nodes and to both major lymph-trunks (thoracic duct and right lymphatic duct). A few enter the falciform ligament and pass to the umbilicus.

    (+) The second area is where the oesophagus lies against hepatic tissue without any intervening peritoneum: here, a few superficial lymphaticvs join the lymphatic vessels of the oesophagus.


Innervation of the liver : hepatic plexus

  • An offshoot of the coeliac plexus

  • Accompanies the hepatic artery and its branches

  • Conveys both sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve-fibres from vagus and greater splanchnic nerves.

Organs of the supra colic compartment