Lesser omentum: (LO)  

A double layered peritoneal fold connecting the lesser curvature of the stomach and the adjoining upper edge of the duodenum to the liver.

It consists of two ligaments:

  • Hepatogastric
  • Hepatoduodenal

The two layers of the lesser omentum are continuous with the serous coats of:

(+) Liver
(+) Stomach
(+) Duodenum.

The right edge of the lesser omentum is free and contains:

  • Common bile duct on the right.
  • Hepatic artery on the left.
  • Portal vein behind and between the two.

To the left of this trio, the right and left gastric arteries run between the two layers.

The lesser omentum also contains:

  • Nerve plexuses which accompany the arteries
  • Lymphatics
  • Lymph nodes and fat.


The Peritoneum