Knee joint and related structures

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Synovium and Bursae

Synovium of the knee joint:

Lines inside of capsule

Extends upwards as suprapatella bursae

Extends on the sides deep to the aponeurosis of the vasti

Covers the lateral and anterior aspects of cruciate ligaments

Passes between the two cruciate ligaments to form the inter cruciate bursae

Forms alar folds on either side of the patella

Extends downwards as infrapatella fold (ligamentum mucosae)

Bursae around the knee joint:

Four large bursae namely:

  • Suprapatellar
  • Subcutaneous prepatellar
  • Subcutaneous infrapatellar
  • Deep infrapatellar

9 smaller un named bursae located between

  1. Tendons and capsule
  2. Tendons and bones
  3. Two tendons
  4. Tendons and ligaments


Task: Name the bursae around the knee joint labelled a-f