The Hip Joint

Applied anatomy


Dislocation of the hip joint may cause injury to the surrounding structures e.g. the sciatic nerve if posterior or femoral nerve and vessels if anterior .

Surgical Approach  

The hip joint is frequently approached anterolaterally by opening a wedge between sartorius and tensor fascia lata. In this position only rectus femoris covers the hip joint capsule.

Joint Replacement  
In severe damage of the hip joint e.g. by arthritis hip replacement may be done using a steel prosthesis. It may be partial when only one component is replaced or total when both components are replaced
Psoas Bursa  

Communication of the psoas bursa with the joint cavity may provide a route for spread of infection.

Femoral neck Fracture

Avascular Necrosis

In intracapuslar fractures of the neck of the femur, the retinaculae and contained vessels may be torn. This leads to necrosis of the proximal fragment. proximal segment.

Pain / Discomfort  
Pain or discomfort in the hip region may be due to disorders from a distance e.g.
  • Disorders of the spine and sacroiliac joints
  • Disorders of the lower abdomen or pelvis
  • Occulusive vascular disease
  • Referred pain from e.g. the knee joint due to common innervation