Fascia Lata

This is the deep fascia of the thigh



Onto the bony prominences and ligaments.

•  Inguinal ligament
•  Anterior superior iliac spine
•  Sacrum
•  Sacrotuberous ligament
•  Body of pubis
•  Pectineal line
•  Ischial tuberosity
•  Ischiopubic ramus

•  Tibial condyles
•  Head of fibula

Note the saphenous opening [a] through which the saphenous vein drains into the femoral vein


Muscles enclosed:

  • Tensor fascia lata
  • Gluteus maximus


  • Iliotibial tract
  • Intermuscular septa (medial and lateral both attached to the linea aspera)
  • Falciform margin of saphenous opening


Which muscles insert onto the iliotibial tract?

Name the muscles and neurovascular structures found in each compartment.



  • Muscle attachéments
  • Enclose and contain thigh muscles
  • Compartmentalize the thigh

What is 'Compartment syndrome?'


organization of thigh