Gluteal Muscles:

Three large gluteal muscles:

•  Gluteus maximus (1) inserted onto the Iliotibial tract (3)

•  Gluteus medius

•  Gluteus minimus

Note the muscles 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 and 6 on the picture.

Note attachements of these muscles and be able to identify them on the hip bone and femur.

Six small lateral rotators:

  • Piriformis
  • superior gamellus
  • inferior gamellus
  • Obturator externus
  • Obturator internus
  • Quardratus femoris

What is the role of gluteus medius an minimus in bipedal striding?

Lateral balance control

The gluteus medius and minimus of the supporting limb abduct the pelvis tilting and holding it so that the pelvis on the swinging side is prevented from sagging to the unsupported side.

This supportive mechanism of the two muscles is generally referred to as lateral balance control.

Its integrity depends on three main features:

  • The two muscles must be functioning normally.
  • The hip joint must be intact.
  • The length and and neck shaft angle  of the femur must be normal

What happens when any one of the features of lateral balance control is compromised? Answer


Hover mouse to show muscle names
Hover mouse to show muscle names

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Gluteal region and back of the thigh