Bones of the Gluteal region:

The gluteal region comprises dorsal surfaces of three bones

  • Hip bone
  • Sacrum
  • Proximal femur

How Would You Determine The Side Of The Hipbone ?


•  Acetabulum faces antero-laterally
•  Obturator foramen is antero-inferior
•  Pubis faces Anteriorly
•  Ischial tuberosity is postero-inferior
•  Iliac crest faces supero-lateral

In the anatomical position, the anterior superior iliac spine is in the same plane as the pubic symphysis.


The Femur

How Would You Determine The Side Of The Hipbone ?
Siding the femur:
  • The head of the femur faces supero-medial.
  • The greater trochanter faces laterally.
  • The anterior surface is convex while the posterior is concave.
  • Femoral condyles are inferior.

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Gluteal region and back of the thigh