Nerves Of The Gluteal Region

Inferior gluteal nerve:


Root Value L1 - L2


  • Gluteus Medius
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Tensor fascia lata

How would bipedal striding be impaired in case of injury to the superior gluteal nerve?
int: Trendlenberg's gait


Sciatic Nerve In The Gluteal Region:




•  Root value L4,5, S1,2,3

•  Two nerves: Tibial and Common peroneal.

The sciatic nerve normally comes out infrapiriformic with the tibial and common peroneal components together.

It separates in the popliteal region or may divide high up the common peroneal component passing through the piriformis or over the piriformis.

What is the root value of the tibial component of the sciatic nerve?

Look up piriformis syndrome and state its manifestation.

Course and relations:

Identify the points labelled 1 to 6 which form relations to the sciatic nerve (pointed )

  • Deep anterior to gluteus maximus
  • Lies on (posterior to the following from above downwards):
    • Ischium
    • Obturator internus and gamelli
    • Quardratus femoris

  • Supplies NO muscles in the gluteal region.
  • Supplies hip joint through articular branches.

Midway between ischial tuberosity and greater trochanter

Blood supply:

The sciatic nerve derives its blood supply from:

  • Inferior gluteal artery via the companion artery of sciatic nerve
  • Longitudinal anastomosis at the back of the thigh

Posterior Cutaneous Nerve Of the thigh:
Name the branches of the posterior cutaneous nerve in the gluteal region

Origin: S 1-3

Infrapiriformic under cover of gluteus maximus.

Runs with inferior gluteal artery posterior or medial to sciatic nerve.


All cutaneous to:

  • Gluteal region
  • Perineum including scrotum or labia majora
  • Back of the thigh

Note the posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh (Pointed)

Identify the structures labelled 1 to 8 in relation to this nerve.


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Gluteal region and back of the thigh