Arteries Of Gluteal Region


The gluteal arteries arise from the internal iliac artery. They are the superior and the inferior gluteal arteries.

Name the other branches of the internal iliac artery (6 Mks)



The superior and inferior gluteal arteries exit through the suprapiriformic and infrapiriformic compartments of greater sciatic foramina respectively.


Superior Gluteal:


The superior Gluteal artery gives branches to all the three large Gluteal muscles.

Anastomosis of Superior Gluteal artery:

At the anterior superior iliac spine, it anastomoses with:

  • Deep circumflex iliac artery
  • Ascending branch of lateral circumflex artery

Both of these arise from the femoral artery (from ext. iliac artery)


Trochanteric anastomosis:

In the trochanteric fossa, the supeior gluteal artery anastomoses with branches of:

  • Inferior gluteal artery
  • Ascending branches of the medial and lateral circumflex femoral arteries

Inferior Gluteal:

It supplies the following structures:

  • Gluteus maximus
  • Hip joint
  • Soft tissues behind the coccyx
  • Sciatic nerve

Cruciate Anastomosis at lesser trochanter:

  • Inferior gluteal artery
  • Transverse branch of lateral circumflex femoral artery
  • Transverse branch of medial circumflex artery
  • Ascending branch of 1st perforating artery from profunda femoris

Note that through these three anastomoses, the internal iliac and external iliac arteries communicate.

In this way, there is provision for collateral circulation should any of the arteries be occluded or ligated.


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