The ovaries


  • Ovarian fossa , a recess close to the lateral wall of the pelvis minor.

  • The ovarian fossa is bounded:

    Anterioly by the medial umbilical ligament or umbilical artery
    Posteriorly by the ureter and internal iliac artery



  • By ovarian fimbria of the fallopian tubes
  • To the broad ligament by the meso varium
  • To the pelvic brim by suspensory ligament of the ovary

Peritoneal relations


  • The surface of the ovary is not covered by peritoneum. Hence during ovulation the oocytes are expelled into the peritoneal cavity.

Blood Supply
  • The ovarian artery from the abdominal aorta at the level of L2.
  • It anastomoses with the uterine artery.
  • The veins form a pampiniform plexus which drains into the ovarian vein and communicates with the uterine plexus.
  • Uterine artery
  • Rectal artery
  • The vaginal plexus drains into the internal iliac veins



  • The vessels ascend with the ovarian veins to the lumbar lymph nodes



  • Autonomic
  • Sympathetic from T10- T12
  • Parasympathetic- vagus
  • Affarent fbres travel with the sympathetic to T10



Summary of Pelvic Viscera