Uterine tubes  

  • Ducts extending from the uterine cornua to open into the peritoneal cavity

  • They are the site of fertilization (the ampulla).

  • They transport the oocyte and the sperms to the site of fertilization.

  • It has a uterine ostium and abdominal ostium

  • Provide communication between the peritoneal cavity and the exterior through the vagina.

  • By this communication infections from the vagina can spread to the peritoneal cavity and cause peritonitis.


  • Infindubulus with a  fimbriated end.

  • Ampulla- the longest and widest part

  • Isthmus- narrow thick walled part which joins the horn of the uterus

  • The uterine/ intramural part- a short segment passing through the uterine wall.

Peritoneal relations

  • Lies in the free edges of the broad ligament, attached to the latter by the mesosalpinx

Blood supply


  • Tubal branches of the uterine and ovarian vessels
  • Veins join to the ovarian and uterine veins



Vessels run with those of the uterine fundus to the lumbar lymph nodes
Summary of Pelvic Viscera