Testis & Epididymis  



  • Produce spermatozoa

  • suspended in the scrotum by the spermatic cords

  • Covered by the tunica vaginalis except where it is attached to the epididymis.

    The epididymis

  • A coma-shaped structure

  • Applied to the superior and postero-lateral surfaces of the testis

  • Consists of a head, a body, and a tail.

  • The tail is continuous with the ductus deferens.

Blood supply to the testis


  1. Testicular artery, a branch of the aorta at about  L2
  2. Other sources are minor and include the scrotal vessels, contributions from the artery to the vas deferens and cremasteric artery.

      The veins correspond. The testicular vein is formed from the pampini form plexus

Lymphatics of the testis  

    • These mainly go to the lumbar lymph nodes.
    • A very small percentage may go to the inguinal and iliac nodes

 The spermatic cord  

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Chapter 36: Female Reproductive System and the Contents of the Female Pelvis
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