The penis  

Male organ of copulation, which serves as the common outlet for urine and semen




    Consists of three cylindrical bodies of cavernous tissue.

    • Corpus spongiosum penis

      (+) Ventral
      (+) Containing the urethra
      (+) Distal end dilates into the glans of the penis, which has the urethral opening.

    • Corpus Cavernosum

      (+) Two bodies

      (+) Arranged side by side, in the dorsal part of the organ.

      (+) Enclosed in a dense white fibrous tissue called the tunica albuginea.

    Superficial to the tunica albuginea is the deep fascia of the penis, which forms a common covering for all the three bodies.

    The skin is thin, dark and loose.

    The prepuce covers the glans penis

Parts and surfaces


  • There are two surfaces – the dorsal surface which faces posterosuperiorly when the penis is erect, and anteriorly, when the penis is flaccid.

  • This surface is continuous with the anterior abdominal wall.

  • The opposite surface, continuous with the scrotum is the ventral or urethral surface.
The root of the penis

The attached part.
Consists of:

(+) Two crura of the penis
(+) Bulb
(+) Associated muscles with them.

The bulb, located between the crura, is penetrated by the urethra posteriorly.
  1. The body of the penis

    Free part of the penis
    consists of the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.


The prominent margin of the glans penis is called the corona of the glans. The corona of the glans overhangs the neck of the penis.

Penile support


    • Fundiform ligament

      (+)  Arises from the inferior part of the linear alba

      (+)   Splits into two parts which pass on each side of the penis.

    • The suspensory ligament

      (+) A condensation of the superficial fascia, arising from the anterior surface of the sypmphisis pubis, and passes inferiorly splitting to attach to the deep fascia of the penis.

Arteries to the penis  

    • Dorsal arteries

    • Deep arteries

Nerves of the penis  

    • Autonomic nerves, on vessels plexuses from the hypogastric plexuses.
    • Dorsal nerve of the penis from the pudendal nerve

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