Perineal fascia and pouches

    Superficial perineal space

  • Superficial perineal fascia inferiorly
  • Inferior fascia of the urogenital diaphragm superiorly.


  • Root of the penis

  • Muscles of the penis – the bulbospongiosus and ischiocavernosus

  • Spongy urethra

  • Branches of the internal pudendal vessels, and pudendal nerve.
  • Superficial transverse perinea muscles

    Deep perineal space

Encloses by superior and inferior fasciae of the urogenital diaphragm


    • Sphincter urethrae
    • Deep transverse perineal muscles
    • Bulbo urethral glands
    • Membranous urethra
    • Internal pudendal vessels and branches of the pudendal nerve

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