Review Questions

  1. Give an account of the distribution of the following:
  • Celiac trunk
  • Superior mesenteric artery
  • Inferior mesenteric artery
  1. Describe the pattern of blood supply to the colon and rectum. Add notes on portosystemic anastomosis
  2. Give an account of the circulation through the liver. Add notes on the anatomical basis and clinical relevance of hepatic vascular segements.
  3. Give a detailed account of the lymphatic drainage of the organs of the GIT
  4. A 60 year male chronic alcoholic is admitted to the ward with ascites, jaundice, malabsorption, lower limb oedema. He has had an episode of hematemesis and shows caput medussae. Discuss briefly the likely disorder that will cause there features. State the useful investigations and most likely findings.

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Chapter 33: Blood Supply , Lymphatic Drainage of the Gastrointestinal System.