The external auditory meatus

  • Extends from the concha to the tymphatic membrane.
  • It is sigmoid.
  • Lateral 1/3 is cartilaginous, whereas the medial 2/3 is bony. It is almost entirely cartilaginous in the infant.

Neurovascular Supply


  • Posterior auricular artery, from the external carotid artery
  • Deep auricular branch of the maxillary artery
  • Auricular branches of the superficial temporal artery
  • Posterior auricular vein
  • Deep auricular
  • Superficial temporal vein
  • Drain to external jugular and pterygoid venous plexus.
  • Superficial parotid lymph nodes
  • Retro auricular lymph nodes
  • Deep cervical lymph nodes
  • Superficial cervical nodes
  • Posterior wall and floor:

    Auricular branch of vagus (with contribution from the glossopharyngeal and facial)
  • Anterior wall and roof: Auriculotemporal branch of Mandibular nerve.

The Larynx and the Ear