Applied Anatomy

  • Epistaxis is a common problem due to vessel rupture in the Little's area in the antero inferior part of the nasal septum and site of anastomosis between superior labial, spheno palatine and anterior ethmoidal. Usually treated by cauttery or ligation of the vessels.

  • Rhinitis: Inflammation of the nasal mucosa. Could be caused by allergy and infection. Treatment is by treating the cause, anti-inflammatories and anti-histamines

  • Endoscopic sinus surgery: The site of opening of the sinus in to the meatus is important during introduction of instruments into the sinuses during endoscopic surgery.

  • Infections in the nose commonly spreads to the sinuses through openings in the meati. This causes sinusitis.

  • Sinusitis, inflammation of the sinus is a common ENT problem. The mucosa of the paranasal sinuses gets inflamed and the sinus filled with fluid. Presentation is severe pain around the eye since the sinuses sorround the orbit.

Nasal cavity

Osteomeatal complex

Comprises of :

  1. Infindubulum
  2. Uncinate process
  3. Ethmoidal bulla
  4. Hiatus semi-lunaris
  5. Middle meatus
  6. Middle conchae

Represents a common drainage point for the anterior sinuses namely:

  1. Frontal
  2. Ethmoid
  3. Maxillary

Strategic point at which lesion can obstruct the anterior sinuses.


The Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses