The Temporal , Parotid , Infratemporal and Submandibular regions

24.1 The Temporal Region


Superior: Superior temporal lines
Inferior: Continous with infratemporal fossa
Lateral : Temporalis fascia
Medial wall: Squamous temporal, greater wing of sphenoid, parietal and frontal bones (around pterion)
Anterior Zygomatic process of frontal bone, the zygomatic bone and maxilla.
Posterior: Arch of squmaous temporal bone


  • Temporalis muscle and associated nerves and vessels
  • Superficial temporal artery and vein


Temporalis muscle: muscle of mastication


  • Temporal fossa between the inferior temporal line and the infratemporal crest,
  • Deep surface of the temporalis fascia.

Insertion: medial aspect of coronoid process of the mandible

Blood supply:

  • Deep temporal branches of the maxillary artery
  • Superficial temporal artery

Innervation: Temporal branches of mandibular nerve


  • Elevates the mandible when the open mouth is closed,
  • Retracts the protruded mandible.