The Temporal , Parotid , Infratemporal and Submandibular regions

Review Questions

  1. Describe the location , relations , blood supply , lymphatic drainage and secretomotor pathway for the parotid , submandibular and sublingual glands

  2. Give an account of the branches and distribution of the external carotid artery . Add notes on the sites of anastomosis between external and internal carotid arteries

  3. Outline briefly the boundaries and contents of the infratemporal fossa. Do specific notes on a ) attachments and actions of the temporalis and pterygoid muscles b) parts and distribution of the maxillary artery and their distribution c) branches and distribution of the Mandibular nerve

  4. Describe the origin , course and distribution of the hypoglossal nerve

  5. Outline the attachments and relations of the hyoglossus muscle

  6. Write briefly about : a) styloid apparatus b) parts , foramina , relations and sites of muscle attachments on the mandible
  7. Give a brief account of the classification , stability factors , relations , blood supply , innervation and movements ( including relevant muscles ) of the temporomandibular joint .