CHAPTER : Cervical fascia and posterior triangles of neck

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b) Pretracheal layer

It is limited to the front part of the neck, but more extensive than the name suggests


  • From hyoid bone to the superior mediastium.

  • Oblique lines of thyroid cartilage

  • Cricoid cartlage

  • The pericardium, and T. adventitia of the bases of great vessels.

  • Becomes continous with bucopharyngeal fascia covering constrictor muscles behind.


Structures sorrounded/ enclosed


  • Thyroid gland (1)
  • Infrahyoid muscles
  • Air and food passages

  • The fascia at the back of the thyroid lobe is thickened to form a lateral ligament or “ligament of Berry” which gains attachment to the cricoid cartilage.
  • At the level of the thyroid isthmus a looser attachment of the pretracheal fascia occurs infront of trachea.