CHAPTER 21 : The Orbit and Eyeball

Ophthalmic Artery & branches

Arises from the internal carotid artery


Central artery of retina
  • Retina

Long and short cilliary arteries
  • Uveal tract of eyeball

Lacrimal artery
  • Lacrimal gland, Eyelids, Meninges

Muscular branches
  • Extra ocular muscles

Supratrochlear & supra orbital
  • Scalp, Frontal bone, Frontal sinus

Dorsal nasal arteries.
  • Nose

Anterior & posterior ethmoidal
  • Nasal cavity, Ethmoidal sinus, Sphenoidal sinus, cranial dura




Opthalmic Veins

Drain the orbital contents

Important communications:

  • Facial vein,
  • Pterygoid plexus
  • Cavernous sinus.