CHAPTER 18 : The Joints of the wrist , hand and fingers

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Arterial blood supply

Radial artery

This vessels crosses the anatomical snuff box, enters the hand and runs deep to the two heads of dorsal interosseous muscle

It Gives off:

  • Radialis indicis

  • Princeps pollicis

  • Then continues to form the deep palmar arterial arch.
    The deep arch anastomoses with the deep branch of ulnar artery

  • The arch gives off three metacarpal arteries which anastomose with common digital  branches of the superficial arterial arch

  • Other branches anastomose with dorsal metacarpal arteries

Ulnar artery

The ulnar artery continues beyond the flexor retinaculum as the superficial arterial arch

This is often an incomplete arch


  • Palmar digital artery to ulnar side of little finger
  • Common digital arteries that supply adjacent fingers
Palmar digital vessels anastomose with dorsal digital arteries

Dorsal carpal arterial arch

  • Formed by branches of radial, ulnar and anterior interosseous arteries.

  • Gives off dorsal metacarpal arteries which then split to supply adjacent fingers

  • Anastomose with palmar metacarpal branches from the deep palmar arch