CHAPTER 18 : The Joints of the wrist , hand and fingers

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Distal Radio-Ulnar joint


Uniaxial syno
vial pivot point


Articular surfaces


  • Convex head of the Ulnar
  • The concave Ulnar notch of the radius
  • Convex proximal surface of the carpus ( formed by the scaphoid , lunate and the triquetrium and their interosseous ligaments

Note: The triangular, fibrocartilaginous articular disc is attached by its base to the lower margin of the Ulnar notch of the radius and by its apex to a fossa at the base of the Ulnar styloid. The proximal surface of the disc articulates with the ulnar head


  • Attached to the margins of the articulating surfaces and is continuous with the capsule of radio-carpal joint

Synovial membrane

•  Projects proximally, as the recessus sacciformis, posterior to the pronator quadratus and anterior to the interosseus membrane.

Blood supply

  • Ulnar artery
  • Radial artery
  • Anterior interosseus


  • Anterior interosseus nerve
  • Posterior interosseus nerve





  • Anteriorly
    • Pronator quadratus
    • Flexor tendons
  • Posteriorly
    Extensor tendons
    Anterior interosseus artery



Clinical anatomy

  • Cole's fracture