Bones of the foot:



Articular surfaces of the calcaneus:

a) Talus
b) Navicular
c) Cuboid



Identifiable features:

  • The head (Its crest slopes medially)
  • The neck
  • Trochlear surface (for articulation with the distal tibia)
  • Surface for articulation with the fibular malleola

Note: Blood supply of the talus is from the distal aspect to the proximal. Thus in fractures of the neck, blood supply to the body may be cut off resulting in avascular necrosis.


Advantages of multiple bones (joints) in the foot:
  • Confers pliability and adaptability to uneven surfaces.
  • Permits long flexors and short muscles to exert their action on the bones of the forefoot and toes, thus assisting the propulsive action of gastrocnemius and soleus.

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CHAPTER 12: The Foot