Stability Factors

  • Tight fit of talus between the malleoli
  • Strong ligaments
  • Tendons bound in place by retinaculae

a) Configuration of articular bones

The two malleoli form a deep (socket-mortise) for the talus (tenon).This mortise is deepened posteriorly by the inferior part of the tibiofibular ligament (transverse tibiofibular ligament [p.t.f])

Note the following bones:

a) the tibia

b) the fibula

c) the talus



b) Collateral ligaments

The medial (deltoid) ligament:

Extends from medial malleolus to:

•  Neck of talus (deep part)
•  Tubercle of talus
•  Sustentacular tali of calcaneous
•  Spring ligament
•  Tuberosity of the navicular


Lateral collateral ligament
Extending from lateral malleolus.

It consists of three parts:

  • Anterior talofibular ligament: Attached to the neck of the talus
  • Calcaneofibular ligament: Attached to the lateral surface of calcaneous.
  • Posterior talofibular ligament: Attached to the lateral tubercle of the talus.

Tendons crossing the joint are held in place by the retinaculae.


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CHAPTER 11: The Ankle Joint