CHAPTER 10. : The Leg And Dorsum Of The Foot

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Structures in the superficial fascia

The saphenous venous system

  • Great saphenous vein
  • Small saphenous vein
  • Accessory saphenous vein

The long saphenous vein


medial continuation of the dorsal venous arc, joined by the medial marginal vein of the foot. (Dorsal Venous arc [D.V.A] forming the long saphenous vein [L.S.V] on the medial side of the foot )



  • Runs a thumb breath anterior and medial to the medial malleolus
  • Medial surface of the distal tibia
  • Behind the medial border of the proximal tibia
  • Handbreadth behind medial border of patella
  • Runs with sapheous nerve
  • Medial convexity of the thigh
  • Passes through saphenous opening 3-4cm below and lateral to the pubic tubercle


•  With the small saphenous vein

•  With the thoraco-abdominal veins via the superficial epigastric vein

•  With the deep veins via the perforators. The perforating veins have valves that ensure blood flow only from superficial to deep.

what conditions predispose to varicose veins



•  Femoral vein ( note the long saphenous vein[D] terminating into the femoral vein [C] ) s

what is meant by venous cutdown
name the contents of the femoral triangle shown on the diagram

for a continuation of the long saphenous vein in the thigh click here

b ) Small saphenous vein  


lateral continuation of the dorsal venous arch ( note the small saphenous vein [s.s.v] originating from the dorsal venous arch [D.V.A] on the lateral side of the foot)


•  Lies with sural nerve behind lateral malleolus.

•  Passes in the midline of the calf

•  Pierces the deep fascia midleg



  Several unnamed tributaries at the back of the leg


Popliteal vein ( small saphenous vein [S.S] runnig together with the sural nerve [C] and terminating in the popliteal fossa to popliteal vein ) with long


  • saphenous vein
  • With deep veins


Cutaneous nerves  
  • Posterior cutaneous nerve of the thigh
  • Lateral cutaneous nerve of the calf
  • Sural nerve
  • Saphenous nerve
  • Lateral cutaneous nerve of the leg(musculocutaneous nerve)

Name the other nerves