Definition: Collections of interconnected nuclei deep to the white mater of the cerebrum

They modify and execute the motor commands of the cerebral cortex, thereby (together with the cerebellum) modifying movements on a minute to minute basis.




  • Caudate nucleus
  • Lentiform nucleus ( globus pallidus + putamen)
  • Nucleus acumbens
  • Sub thalamic nucleus
  • Substantia nigra

Other functionally related nuclei may be include:

  • Ventral thalamus
  • Red nucleus.

Phyllogenetic (Functional) subdivision

a) The neostriatum formed by the putamen and caudate nuclei
b) The palleostriatum , formed by the globus pallidus (pallidum I and II)
c) The archistriatum composed predominantly of the amygdaloid nuclear complex.


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