The Cerebellum


  • In the posterior cranial fossa, partly ventral to the occipital pole.

  • Covered superiorly by the tentorium cerebelli.

  • It lies dorsal to the medulla and the pons.

  • It is separated from the temporal lobe by the tentorium cerebelli (tent of the cerebellum).

  • The two hemispheres are separated by the falx cerebelli .

Phylogenic subdivisions

Archicerebellum (1)

  • Also called vestibulocerebellum
  • Made of flocculonodular lobe and the uvula
  • Main input from the vestibular system

Paleocerebellum (2)

  • Also known spinocerebellum
  • Made up of vermis and paravermal regions
  • Main input from spinal cord

Neocerebellum (3)

  • Also known as cerebro-cerebellum
  • Comprises cerebellar hemispheres
  • Main input from cerebral cortex through contralateral pontine nuclei