Distribution of central arteries

Central arteries, arise from the arterial circle and proximal portion of the principal arteries, penetrate the substance of the brain and supply the deep structures. The main groups of central arteries are:

Structures Supplied
  Anterolateral arteries
  • Anterior hypothalamus,
  • Pre-optic area
  • Supra-optic region
Posteromedial arteries
  • Hypothalamus
  • Mammillary bodies
  • Subthalamic regions
  • Medial nuclei of the thalamus.
  • Midbrain tegmentum
  • Crus cerebri.
Posterolateral arteries,
  • Caudal half of the thalamus.
Medial striate artery  (recurrent artery of Heubner)
  • Head of the caudate nucleus and
  • Putamen
  • Internal capsule
The lateral striate arteries
  • Globus pallidus
The posterior choroidal arteries
  • Tectum
  • Choroid plexus of the third ventricle
  • Superior and medial surfaces of the thalamus
lateral posterior choroidal arteries
  • Choroid plexus in the lateral ventricle
  • Anterior choroidal artery
Anterior choroidal artery,
  • The hippocampus
  • Globus pallidus
  • Posterior limb of the internal capsule
  • Parts of the optic tract
  • Amygdaloid complex
  • The neostriatum
  • Ventrolateral parts of the thalamus

Blood supply to subcortical structures


Head of the caudate nucleus:

anterolateral ganglionic arteries

Putamen (striatum):

recurrent artery of Heubner

Globus pallidus (pallidum):

anterolateral ganglionic arteries, anterior choroidal artery


posteromedial and posterolateral ganglionic arteries, anterior and posterior choroidal arteries


posteromedial and anterolateral ganglionic arteries


anteromedial, posteromedial, and anterolateral ganglionic arteries

Pineal body:

posterolateral ganglionic arteries

Internal capsule:

anterolateral and posterolateral ganglionic arteries, anterior choroidal artery; recurrent artery of Heubner

Amygdala, uncus and hippocampal formation:

anterior choroidal artery, temporal branches of posterior cerebral artery

External capsule and claustrum:

anterolateral ganglionic arteries