Cerebral Veins

  • Consist of deep and superficial groups
  • Devoid of valves.
  • Superficial veins draining the cortex and subcortical white mater empty into the superior sagittal or basal sinuses.
  • The deep cerebral veins, draining the choroid plexus, periventricular regions, diencephalon, basal ganglia, and deep white mater, empty into the internal cerebral and great cerebral veins.
  • Numerous anastomotic channels interconnect deep and superficial veins


The superficial cerebral veins

  1. Superior cerebral veins(a)
  2. Superficial middle cerebral vein (b)
  3. Inferior cerebral veins (c)
  4. Anterior cerebral vein


The deep cerebral veins

  1. Internal cerebral vein
  2. Basal vein
  3. Great cerebral vein