Branches and distribution of the basilar artery

Anterior inferior cerebellar


  • Caudal parts of the pontine tegmentum
  • Inferior surface of the cerebellum
  • Choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle
Labyrinthine arteries


  • facial
  • vestibulocochlear nerves
  • inner ear.
Pontine arteries
  •  Paramedian: supply a medial pontine region and the ventromedial parts of the pontine tegmentum.
  • Short circumferential: supply the adjacent anterolateral part of the pons, and variable parts of the overlying tegmentum.
  • Long circumferential: supply lateral parts of the middle cerebellar peduncle, as well as most of the pontine tegmentum.
The superior cerebellar artery
  • A medial branch supplying the superior cerebellar vermis and adjacent regions
  • A lateral branch whose rami convey blood to the superior surface of the cerebellar hemisphere.
The posterior cerebral arteries
  • Perforating arteries from these branches supply the deep cerebellar nuclei and choroid plexus of the fourth ventricle.