Applied anatomy

Neurological disorders are common all over the world including in developing countries like Kenya.  They arise from:

  1. cerebrovascular accidents (stroke);
  2. Trauma,
  3. Infections e.g. meningitis,
  4. Degenerative conditions.

Some of them may cause preventable deaths, but almost invariably cause serious disability.

There is need for careful history taking, thorough physical examination, appropriate choice of investigations in order to arrive a rational diagnosis of the problem.  This will facilitate choice of treatment and prediction of the outcome.  This is the basis of patient care.

Accordingly, there is need for every medical practitioner to have a certain basic minimum amount of knowledge of neuroanatomy. 

Support and protection of the CNS

  • Skull and vertebral column
  • Meninges: Dura, arachnoid and pia
  • Cerebro spinal fluid
  • Blood vessels