posterior (dorsal) spinocerebellar tract 
Anterior/ ventral spinocerebellar tract
Cuneocerebellar tract
  • An uncrossed tract arising from Clarke's nucleus

  • Ascends lateral to the corticospinal tract.

  • In the medulla, become incorporated in the cerebellar inferior peduncle.

  • Terminates in the cerebellar vermis.

  • coordinates posture and movements of individual limb muscles.
  • Predominantly a crossed pathway.

  • Originates in laminae V, VI and VII in the coccygeal, sacral and lower lumbar segments.

  • Ascends postero-laterally

  • Contained in superior cerebellar peduncle

  • Terminates in cerebellar vermis

  • Coordinates movement and posture of entire lower limb
  • Originates in accessory cuneate nucleus in the medulla.

  • Contained in inferior cerebellar peduncle

  • Terminates in cerebellar cortex

  • Controls posture in individual muscles of upper limb