Clinical Anatomy

Clinical note

The pathways described earlier are certainly of considerable clinical importance as follows:

  • Inflammatory reactions in dorsal roots or pressure on spinal roots (as a result of herniated intervertebral discs) can cause painful sensation in the areas supplied by the affected roots.

  • Degenerative processes in the region of the central canal of the spinal cord interrupt pain and temperature fibres as they decussate in the ventral white commissure.

  • The spinal lemniscus may be included in lateral medullary syndrome

Refered pain

Pain originating in a visceral organ perceived as originating from a somatic area

Diaphragm C3, C4, C5
Heart T1-T5
Gall bladder T6-T8
Appendix T10
Testes and Ovaries T10-T12
Uterus T10-T12
Kidneys T10-L1
Ureters L1-L2