The Ureters

Position and Relations  
  • Run from the pelvis, posterior to the vessels at the level of the transverse process of L2 L5.

  • It is retroperitoneal throughout and has important relations.

  • Anterior to psoas major muscles and the common iliac vessels.

  • Posterior to the colic vessels and the mesenteric vessels in the mesentery.

  • It is first lateral, then medial to the gonadal vessels, all the time posteriorly (the gonadal vessels cross it from medial to lateral, anteriorly)

  • The right ureter is in close relationship to the IVC (on the right, the lumbar lymph nodes and the sympathetic trunk.

Blood supply  

A longitudinal anastomosis contributed to by branches of

  • renal
  • aorta
  • Common iliac
  • Vescical
  • Uterine

Others may be

  • Gonadal
  • Internal iliac
  • Mesenteric vessels

The veins correspond.



Superior part :lateral aortic

Middle part : common iliac nodes

Inferior part : common, external or internal iliac nodes.



Same as the kidneys

Retroperitoneal organs