Differences between Small and Large Intestines

The small gut can be distinguished from large by the following features.


Small Intestines
Large intestines

  • Central
  • Peripheral
  • Moves freely on its stalk, the mesentery;
  • Fixed except for transverse and sigmoid colons which have mesentry.
  • Even cylindrical contour
  • Pinched up by a series of constrictions into haustrations or sacculations.
External muscle coat
  • Uniform outer coat of longitudinal muscle
  • Three broad thickened longitudinal bands of smooth muscle called taeniae coli.
Appendices epiploicae
  • Fat is limited to the mesenteric border
  • Each is a small rounded evagination of the serous coat, containing a little extraperitoneal fat.
  • Appendices epiploicae are absent from the caecum, appendix and rectum.




The Intestines