The Appendix


Usually in the right iliac fossa. Its position varies. Could be on the left side in situs inversus.

  • Retrocecal
  • Retrocolic
  • Subhepatic
  • Pelvic


Posteriorly : psoas major

Medial (post): ureters and iliac vessels

Anteriorly : caecum

Superiorly : coils of ileum (and ascending colon).

Anteriorly : may be separated from the anterior abdominal wall by intestines.


Peritoneal relations

Surrounded by peritoneum, and has mesoappendix.


blood supply

Appendicular branch of ileocolic artery a branch of the superior mesenteric artery.

The appendicular tributary of ileocolic vein takes the blood to the superior mesenteric vein.



Nodes in the mesoappendix ileocolic artery.



Parasympathetic : vagus

Sympathetic : superior mesenteric plexus


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