Posterior thoracic wall

The costovertebral joint from the front:

A typical rib articulates with the vertebral column at two joints:

  • Costotransverse joint between the tubercle of the rib and the tip of the transverse process

  • The head of the rib articulates with:

    (+) Part of the body of the corresponding vertebra
    (+) Adjacent intervertebral disc
    (+) Lower part of the vertebral body above.

Each joint of the head of the ribs has a fibrous capsule, uniting the margins of the articular facets and lined with synovial membrane.


The radiate ligament connects the head to:

  • The body above
  • The body below
  • The disc between them

The intra articular ligament joins the transverse crest on the head to the disc, dividing the joint cavity into separate upper and lower compartments.


Posterior Mediastinum and posterior chest wall