Conical in shape  and has,
      1. An apex
      2. Base
      3. Medial surface
      4. Costal surface
      5. Anterior border
      6. Inferior border
      7. Hilus


  • Rises above 1st rib anteriorly but is below the posterior aspect of this rib. 


  • Diaphragmatic surface
  • Right dome of diaphragm higher than left
  • Right lung overlies liver
  • Left lung overlies stomach, liver and spleen.

Costal surface

  • marked by ribs

Medial surface – 2 parts

  1. vertebral – posterior border rounded, occupies paravertebral gutter
  2. mediastinal  - hilus and cardiac impression.

Surface anatomy

  • Lower borders of lung related to 6th, 8th and 10th ribs.
  • Anterior border between body of sternum and pericardium

Oblique fissure

Completely cuts through costal, diaphragmatic and mediastinal surfaces as far as the root it then follows line of the 6th rib from 4th thoracic vertebrae to the 5th intercostals space anteriorly. 

Horizontal fissure 

  • Lies at the level of the 4th  costal cartilage
  • Meets the oblique fissure at the mid-axillary line.

The Right lung is therefore divided into 3 lobes:

  1. upper
  2. middle
  3. lower

Left lung: 2 lobes

  1. upper
  2. lower



Impressions on Surface of Lung


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Chapter 28: The Chest Wall and Pleura
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