Scapula Anastomosis:

Contributing arteries:


  • Suprascapular (from subclavian a.)

  • Transverse cervical (from thyrocervical trunk.)

  • Circumflex scapular (from subscapular of 3 rd part of axillary)

  • Thoracodorsal (from subscapular of 3 rd part of axillary)

  • Posterior intercostal


  • Ensure adequate arterial supply to the middle scapula.
  • Form a subsidiary route through which blood can pass from the proximal part of the subclavian artery to the third part of the axillary artery when either subclavian or axillary artery is blocked between these two points
What is the most appropriate site to do a ligature of an injured axillary or subclavian artery?




posterior intercostals
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CHAPTER 13: Back and Scapula Region