Vertebral Column Curvatures:

primary curves:Thoracic and sacral curves: present at birth

Secondary curves: Cervical and lumbar: Develop at 3 and 9 months respectively


Adult Curvatures:


  • Cervical curvature; convex anteriorly (c1 T2)

  • Thoracic curve, concave anteriorly (T2 T12)

  • Lumbar curve, convex anteriorly (T12 and lumbosacral joint)

  • Saccrococcygeal (pelvic) curve, concave anteriorly (lumbosacral joint to tip of the coccyx)

Vertebral column characterized by gentle sinuous bends, which give the column some resilience, but the intervertebral discs are the major shock absorbing devices.

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CHAPTER 13: Back and Scapula Region